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I was born in London in 1972, directly opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. I lived in London until the age of 6, and started school aged 3 (I was such a wild child, no pre-school facility would have me!!). I came from a largely working class Irish family, though my mother was a primary school teacher. In London I lived in a block of council-owned apartments.

I loved the switch to Ireland: we moved into my great-grandfather's cottage (he lived with us until his death 10 years later), out in the countryside, and I relished the freedom and dark, spooky nights (the countryside's far eerier than the city!). Irish TV was very primitive in those days (2 channels, which only aired for less than twelve hours each day!), so I had to read lots of books to pass the time. I read every sort I could find, but I especially liked horror stories.

I was always interested in horror, both books and movies, and loved giving myself nightmares. Many of the books I write now are rooted in delightfully chilling childhood scare sessions, when I'd keep myself awake at night, imagining horrible scenarios in which vampires and other assorted creatures would surround my little cottage and lay siege!

I live in Ireland, and have been fascinated with vampires since I was six years old. I write full-time, and I still love giving myself nightmares.....

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